IMG_2937Dawn and Brian Crawford – Vaccine Strong Creators

In 2008, Dawn found her passion point while she worked at the Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition. She loves vaccines because she loves the science, the power to prevent disease, and the challenge of the ever shifting communications problem solving that are involved with informing people about vaccines.

She quickly pulled Brian into the fight and when they started their our own nonprofit communications consulting agency they quickly found more vaccine projects to contribute to.

First, they are advocates, but they are also parents. They have a spunky, smart, cute daughter. Her health and well-being is everything to them.

So they are advocates, parents, but they also really care about their community. They care about people. They want everyone to have a chance at having a healthy, successful life.

As vaccine advocates, they felt we’d let our community down with the measles outbreak in 2015. As nonprofit communications consultants, they have helped immunization nonprofits help inform parents so this wouldn’t happen. So it couldn’t happen. The movement as a whole just didn’t work fast enough.

As vaccine communications consultants, they have a unique opportunity to share everything they’ve learned about tackling the vaccine issue to empower parents to be on the front lines to lead the fight against the misinformation that fuels a parent’s choice to not vaccinate their child.

They hope that this project will empower parents who do vaccinate their children to join them, stand up for vaccines and help our community get rid of preventable disease.

DISCLAIMER: This project is completely volunteer run. Please contact us if there is any incorrect information and we’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.

DEAR TROLLS: Do your worst. By lobbing your anti-vaccine messages at us, we are just figuring out how to disarm you. We are probably going to get death threats, but it’s worth taking a hit for the health of our community.