Stand Up for Vaccines

The silent majority of vaccinating parents have stood by and let the fringe kick-up dust, throw their temper tantrums, and slowly turn those parents on the fence to their side. Making the choice to not vaccinate your child is the choice to let disease run rampant.

Now is the time to stand up for vaccines. To stand up for science. Stand up for our community.

Take action today by doing one, or many, of these simple actions.

Get Social. Change your social profiles to the Vaccine Strong logo and use our cover images. Showing solidarity in numbers will let people know we’re not backing down.
Share science. Share pro-vaccine news on social media channels. Spreading good science will help turn the tide. Like our Facebook page to get good links. Make sure to add #VaccineStrong to be featured on this site.
Wear Cool Swag. We’re going to be adding more designs to this shop over time. Let us know if you want to design a t-shirt.
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