Every state approached vaccine requirements differently. Some states are very strict and have lots of requirements. Some states are pretty flexible and allow parents to easily get away with not vaccinating their child.

Tightening up laws to make it hard to not vaccinate your child can dramatically increase vaccination rates in a state.

So are you ready for the big fight? Do you want to change laws to make it hard to not vaccinate a child? Read on and fight on.

Messages for Exemptions

Join me in tighten laws for nonmedical vaccine exemptions. https://www.change.org/p/u-s-state-legislators-protect-our-children-and-communities-against-vaccine-preventable-diseases #vaccinestrong

Parents have the right to know their children are as safe as possible when they are at daycare or school. Join me and sign this petition https://www.change.org/p/u-s-state-legislators-protect-our-children-and-communities-against-vaccine-preventable-diseases #vaccinestrong

I’m joining parents, healthcare providers and public health experts, to urge states and communities across the country to protect our children by vaccinating them according to the CDC-recommended immunization schedule. Sign this petition https://www.change.org/p/u-s-state-legislators-protect-our-children-and-communities-against-vaccine-preventable-diseases #vaccinestrong

As a parent who vaccinates, I want my legislators to tighten laws for nonmedical exemptions.   There are legitimate medical contraindications that preclude certain children from being vaccinated.  Medical exemptions are therefore an important part of our national vaccination program.  Non-medical exemptions, however, should be subject to rigorous standards.  Parents who seek non-medical exemptions should first have to speak with a health care provider to fully understand not only the safety and efficacy of vaccines, but also the dangers of vaccine-preventable diseases for their children as well as their communities. Parents should then have to sign a declination form, stating their understanding of the risks of not vaccinating, and be required to renew this form annually for each vaccine they choose to decline. Learn more – http://www.ecbt.org/index.php/features/petition_urging_state_legislators_to_tighten_laws_and_release_exemption_rat #vaccinestrong

As a parent who vaccinates my child, I want legislation to require that public vaccine exemption rates for each licensed daycare center and public school in their state.  Parents have the right to know the level of exposure their children may have to dangerous vaccine-preventable diseases, particularly if their children are immune compromised.  By releasing this information, parents of at-risk children will be able to make informed decisions about their potential for contracting a vaccine-preventable disease. Learn more – http://www.ecbt.org/index.php/features/petition_urging_state_legislators_to_tighten_laws_and_release_exemption_rat #vaccinestrong



Source: Every Child By Two

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