No one deserves to get sick or die from a preventable disease

Parents who vaccinate their kids are not going to be silent anymore. We’re going to stand up for vaccines. We’re going to stand up for science. We’re going to stand up for our community.

Now for a little real talk – the silent majority of vaccinating parents have stood by and let the fringe of parents who choose to not vaccinate their child kick-up dust, throw temper tantrums, and slowly turn new parents to question vaccines. Making the choice to not vaccinate your child is the choice to let disease run rampant.

We’re not going to be silent any more. We’re going to fight for vaccines.

Frankly, we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more.

Lend Your Voice

Nearly 70% of children are fully vaccinated by the age of 2. That means there are a LOT of parents that are vaccinating their child. These parents often don’t want to kick the hive and unleash personal attacks from family members or Facebook friends. But we can’t be silent anymore. Disease is coming back. Bringing polio back to the US is a real possibility. We have to band together to make a difference.

Share Your Voice

Shout your belief in vaccines. Let’s get loud.

Herd Immunity

Share how power in numbers is really stopping disease. Learn more.


Help change laws to make it harder to skip vaccines. Make a change.

Nonprofits on the Front Lines

Nonprofits are on the front lines of the vaccine fight every day. These organizations are motivated to do good for parents and children. Nothing more and nothing less. Click on the logos to find a nonprofit in your state or a national focus that sparks your passion.

Arizona Partnership for Immunizations

Autism Science Foundation

WithinReach – Washington State

Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition

Voices for Vaccines

Every Child By Two

Immunize Nevada

Parents Who Vax

Beautiful babies and families that are vaccinated and healthy!